TN Promise offers no cost tuition and fees for students attending technical and/or community colleges.  The first of it’s kind program in the United States, TN Promise is the most important and impactful workforce development program in the toolkit.

To read the TN Promise 2019 Annual Report, click here.



TN Reconnect offers no cost tuition and fees to adults returning to a technical and/or community college that have not completed a degree.  The first of its kind program in the country, TN Reconnect is equal to TN Promise in importance to the workforce development initiatives.



Drive to 55 is a state initiative to increase the college credentials of the workforce (25-64) to 55% by the year 2025.  Sumner County began the initiative at 37.5% and we have risen to 43.5%.  To accomplish the goal, we need an additional 2,000 credentialed individuals annually and an additional 104 students must enroll in college to increase the county’s college going rate by five percentage points.