Ground Travel

Sumner County is bordered by I-65 to its west and I-40 to the southeast. Two major state routes, 109 and 386, intersect in the county seat of Gallatin.

SR109, a 4-lane divided highway connects I-65 to I-40/840 and is the county’s major fright and goods corridor. The seven mile Portland addition will improve the SR 109 corridor and open hundreds of acres for business development.

SR 386, or Vietnam Veterans Boulevard links to I-65 and SR 109, and is a 4-lane divided highway built to interstate standards. Vietnam Veterans Boulevard is the main commercial artery that offers unique and visible corporate opportunities.

NETcorridor – the Northeast Transportation Corridor is a billion dollar capital investment that extends SR 386 past SR 109 into the Northeast quadrant of the county The project is a 5-star priority project for the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).



Air Travel

Sumner County is directly served by two general aviation airports. The Music City Executive Airport (M33) is located in the County Seat of Gallatin and offers the 3rd longest runway in the region. Portland also offers a general aviation municipal airport.

The Nashville International Airport (BNA) is only minutes away, providing passenger and cargo services to destinations around the world.

  • CLICK HERE for a list of cities served by BNA.
  • CLICK HERE for a list of airlines serving BNA.
  • CLICK HERE for information on the Nashville Air Cargo complex.


Water Travel

The Cumberland River forms the southern border of Sumner County and offers full river barge access to the Gulf of Mexico via the Ohio, Tennessee, and Mississippi Rivers. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers maintains the channel depth at 9 feet and numerous commercial operators use the river. The map shows access to waterways.